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How do I get an Invoice along with a receipt?
Please, contact us on audio@speechki.pro to obtain an invoice.

How do I log in to the studio dashboard?
Follow this link: https://plugin.speechki.org/login

How do I reset my password?
Follow this link: https://plugin.speechki.org/reset

What are the limitations per project in characters?
The limitation per project is 10,000 characters. You then have approximately 20% to make changes with the visual editor. Experimentally allowed 120% characters for the corrections.

How do I find premium voices?
All the voices are premium; we don't grade them within the catalog. You'll be able to see some voices marked as an overall pick.

How can I mark voices as favorites?
The system saves the previously used voices and will soon display them at the beginning of the list.

Is Project Editing available?
Yes, there're light-weight and professional editors available, pick the one you like more.

How do I preview the audio?
The recording process, even with AI, assumes the audio is recorded, so there's no preview. However, you're welcome to make changes in the project after the recording.

Can I use multiple voices within the project?
Yes, you can if you have access to the visual editing platform.

Can I use multiple languages within the project?
Yes, you can if you have access to the visual editing platform.

Does the AI pronounce numbers correctly in different languages?
In most cases, yes. It may mispronounce something difficult to say for AI.

Is there a folder structure and sorting functionality available?
There's no folder structure available right now. It's coming soon.

Can I delete my project?
Yes, you can.

How can I add sound effects to the audio?
It's not available within the Speechki tool now.

What is the Enhanced Visual Editor?
The editor allows not only putting the text into the project creation form but also making changes afterward and selecting different roles for different parts of the text.

What is the Professional Visual Editor?
This editing platform requires learning. It has various specific features allowing you to control different voices and languages within the project. Different voices have different settings available.

How fast is the audio generation?
The audio generation is as fast as several seconds. Then the system undergoes post-production to achieve the quality you desire. This process may take a few minutes. Keep in mind that there are numerous projects being recorded simultaneously, so they may line up for post-production and get stuck for some additional minutes.

How fast is the audiogram generation?
It may take a while and depends only on the size of the file and how long is the queue now.

Do you have a WordPress Blog Posts integration?
No, we don't have that feature.

Can I customize the audiogram?
It's not available now. In the future, you will be able to change fonts, colors, background video and image, and add music.

Is Voice Cloning available?
Yes, it is. Check it in the interface. You may be in the queue on receiving this feature.

Is the API available?
It will be available for all plans and will have different limitations from project recording. The exact data is described on the plans page: https://plugin.speechki.org/upgrade

Do you have a public roadmap?
We don't share our roadmap publicly at this time.

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