252,000 people gathered in Mexico during the pandemic: FIL 2021

Guadalajara International Book Fair took place in Mexico from November 27 to December 5. The Fair is better known by its Spanish name FIL (Feria Internacional del Libro de Guadalajara). FIL is the largest book fair in the Americas, and the second largest in the world after the Frankfurt Book Fair. By the way, Speechki participated in it this year.

👉 Here you can find a masterclass held by our publishing consultant Bill Wolfsthal.

But let’s go back to Mexico. 252,000 people took part in the Fair, of which 205,000 came in person. This was the first exhibition during the pandemic, where 70% of the events were held offline. But in order to achieve this result, the organizers had to introduce strict sanitary standards.

This year, the program was complemented by 450 book presentations, 50 of which were in virtual format, 232 literary and academic forums and 81 events for professionals.

The fair was a meeting place for 1,223 publishers from 37 countries, who offered 240,000 titles in the exhibition area, as well as 3,278 book specialists and 35 literary agents from 27 agencies.

In Guadalajara, they also talked about modern technologies in the book production world. There is no doubt that the popularity of audiobooks is increasing rapidly in the Spanish-speaking world. In 2020, the previous record of 14,000 audiobooks and 50,000 podcasts in Spanish was surpassed, and all the data indicate that ​​there will be more of them. Good thing Speechki supports the Spanish language and has the ability to produce AI-generated audiobooks in its various dialects.

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